Going Green

by casa.xelaju

Going Green Casa Xelajú Spanish School

In an effort to do our part in protecting the environment and conserve its current resources for coming generations, while also saving money, CX has been working to ecologically conserve energy and recycle material that is used in the office and buildings.

Our main goal is to become self-sufficient and depend less on the electricity generated by the city.

Here are some examples of our efforts that we have been implemented in the last years.

  • For more than 15 years, we have changed from incandescent lights to CFLs. We are in the process of changing from CFL lights to LED lights.
  • We have traded out old TV monitors for LEDs.
  • Our teachers do their Spanish lesson plans for each week using Google drive instead of on paper.
  • Teachers and office staff are paid by direct deposit so eliminate paper checks.
  • Recycled paper from the office is used by teachers and students to take notes.
  • We have moved from desktop computers to laptops which are shut down each night to conserve electricity.
  • We have installed low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators in each sink and shower.
  • We use bicycles or walk to stores when running errands.
  • Coffee is kept warm by transferring the coffee and hot water into thermoses, allowing us to turn off coffee makers.
  • The refrigerators and washing machines that we use in the apartments are energy efficient and use less water.
  • Over the last few years, we have installed new windows in our building so we use less energy and the rooms are warmer.

We separate organic materials when disposing of our trash. We recycle glass and plastic.

Future projects: plans to install solar panels in our building.

Don Carlos, regresando al edificio luego de sacar copias.Vannessa usando termos para mantener caliente el agua y café por 12 horas.Rocael Batres, realizando actividades de forma segura.Luciana de Léon, Directora académica de Casa Xelajú.Vanessa llenando los dispensadores plásticos de jabón.Uso eficiente del agua de la lavadora de Casa Xelajú.Apartamento en construcción, Casa Xelajú, Quetzaltenango.Enseñanza del español en clases amplias e iluminadas.

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