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by casa.xelaju

Best Medical Spanish Program in Guatemala 2021

Medical Spanish Classess in Guatemala,  Quetzaltenango for doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators is directed towards medical, paramedic, nursing personnel as well as other health care personnel and students of the same fields.

It is for those that wish to develop and improve their linguistics ability and Spanish understanding to maintain better communication with Hispanic patients that require attention and medical care in their own language.

The format for medical Spanish classes is one student per teacher, five hours a day, five days a week with homestay with a local family. Your Spanish acquisition with CX will be accelerated which will allow you to develop language proficiency in a matter of months. 

Part-Time and Full-Time Volunteer work

Casa Xelaju has been working with three organizations in the city and metropolitan area.

Medical students can do volunteer work at Clinica Alemana and Centro de Salud de la Esperanza (30 minutes away from Central Park. This  option will allow students, doctors, nurses, and other professionals in t

medical spanish program

medical spanish program: Comadronas, Conception Chquirichapa

he field to work with patients in the following area: General medical clinic, dentistry, optometry, and radiology.

ACAM (Asociación de Comadronas de Area Mam/ Association of Midwives of the Mam speaking region) is a group of 40 traditional midwives, based in the town of Concepción Chiquirichapa, 30 minutes ride from Quetzaltenango.

The town and surrounding communities struggle with poor health and nutrition, low levels of education, and poverty. Maternal and infant mortality rates in the area are still among the highest in the Western Hemisphere.

Students can do volunteer work in the morning and take Spanish classes in the afternoon.

College students can obtain college credit units through Brookhaven College. This is the course # SPAN 1300- Spanish for Medical Personnel.

We offer a new all included Spanish for doctors and nurses in 2018 Summer      Reviews and testimonials

teaching spanish in guatemala

medical spanish program

Medical Spanish in Guatemala for doctors, nurses start any Monday-round. Health care workers who participate in this program will learn Spanish five hours a day, five days a week while living with a local family. If a student is looking for more privacy, we offer apartments for rent in our own building.

With our daily activities, doctors, nurses will be able to reinforce their new linguistic skills by participating in cooking,  weaving, dancing lessons, volunteer work with La Pedrera Community, lectures, field trips, and excursions during the weekends.


To help students communicate easily with their patients, thus creating a more welcoming and trusting environment. To develop and improve skills in the precise use of grammar while speaking, listening, reading, and writing prescriptions and necessary reports in clinics and hospitals, making use of adequate medical vocabulary. Materials: You should buy a Spanish/English dictionary with medical terminology.

We recommend Vox Medical Spanish Dictionary and for textbooks, Spanish for Health Care Provider  Spanish for Health Care. You are welcome to bring your own textbook. If you are not able to take our immersion Spanish classes in Guatemala, we offer classes online through skype.

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