Awesome Airport shuttles Guatemala city to Quetzaltenango

by casa.xelaju

Airport Services in Guatemala

Casa  Xelaju (CX) offers airport transportation using shuttle buses, minivans, and first-class buses and lodging in a bed and breakfast in Guatemala City to students and families who are participating in our regular Spanish programs, internship, and volunteer work.

We also offer these services to other tourists visiting Guatemala. Since 1987, CX has been offering these services. We have more than 10,000 former students.

Airport Services

Airport Services

These services cost US$40.00 for a meeting at the airport, private transportation to the bus station, a first-class ticket from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango, a meeting at the bus terminal in Quetzaltenango, and a ride directly to the family. If you need to stay overnight, the service is US$50.00 including dinner and continental breakfast. Please make a sign with Casa Xelaju on it.

Private transportation from the airport to Quetzaltenango and other places is $150.00 per one or four people.  For a family, with more members, %170.00 one way.

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We highly recommend arriving at noon you can take the 5:00 PM bus from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango. We also offer private transportation for individuals and families from the airport in Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango.

During the summer, our bus will be at the airport almost every weekend waiting for a group of teachers, principals, and high school students.

If we have space, we might take you directly from the airport to your house for only $20.00. Please contact us for more information: 612 281 5705, info(AT)

If you need a ride from the bus station in Quetzaltenango to our apartments or your house, please send us to know. Only $5.00 for this service 7/24.


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