Accelerated Spanish Program Guatemala

by casa.xelaju

Accelerated Spanish in Xela, Guatemala

For students who have limited time to study in Quetzaltenango, CX is offering an accelerated Spanish immersion program. With this program, students will be able to master the content of our four and eight-week regular Spanish program in only three or six weeks.

Four levels are available to beginner, intermediate and advanced students.  For more information, please request the syllabus of Spanish I, II, III, and IV.
These courses follow the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) cultural and linguistic proficiency guidelines.

We offer daily social and cultural activities including field trips and excursions during the weekends.

The Spanish teachers have been extensively trained to provide the students a more active role in their learning process (student-centered instruction). As a result, our students are actively involved in their second language acquisition experience which enables them to learn quickly in class.

After your initial assessment, your teacher will write a lesson plan using the GANAG template providing all the linguistic objectives of the week including what you will be learning each day, evaluations, homework assignments, rubrics, thinking maps, logical sequencing of concepts, and more. 

The methodology we use for our classes is based on Stephen Krashen’s “Comprehensive Input”. 

1) The teacher introduces the topic to the student

2) the student reads the rules and forms his/her own rules about the subject

3) the teacher provides feedback with a discussion

4) the students watch or listen to the rules

5) the students practice exercises orally or written

6) the teacher provides feedback to the student

7)  the student takes a quick exit quiz and

8) the teacher evaluates with an exit quiz

9) homework assignment and

10) a test to assess the weak points of the topic to reinforce it again.

Tuition for this program is the same as the other programs: US$185.00 per week low season and $190.00 high season plus homestay.

For college students or teachers looking for college credits, please visit our Academic program where you will obtain information about this program. This program follows the ACTFL cultural and linguistic proficiency guidelines.

If you are looking for a more traditional program, similar, but better, to what other Spanish schools are offering in Guatemala,  we recommend you take Spanish for Travelers where you can shape the classes with your preferences.

We also offer our Regular Immersion Program for students who want to study a normal pace.  This program follows the ACTFL cultural and linguistic proficiency guidelines.

We also offer study Spanish subjunctive for advanced students.

Currents events is an alternative and unique Spanish curriculum for intermediate to advanced students who want to learn more about the social and political situation in the country.  

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Holidays – No Classes. However, you have to pay for the five days. We have to obey the labor law, otherwise, we are fined by the government. 

January 1 Good Friday
May 1 June 25*
September 15 October 20*
November 1* December 25

 With over 36 years of solid experience teaching Spanish with premier academic standards and over 12,000 satisfied students from all over the world, our Spanish language school is confident that your immersion experience with us will be a total success.

In addition to our general Spanish classes, we also offer test preparation, specialized and advanced Spanish literature courses to all interested students.

Our official books for Spanish I, II, III, and IV: Spanish Now, Level 1, Seventh Edition, ISBN 0-7641-7774-5 and Spanish Now, Level 2, Seventh Edition, ISBN-10: 0764141104.

Suggested book: a Spanish and English dictionary, and 501 Spanish Verbs by Christopher Kendris, (Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.).

As a part of our proven immersion study, the following value-added services are also included:5 hours of one on one Spanish instruction, 5 days a week.

Private study rooms free of noise or visual interference with a beautiful view of the city.

Approximately three hours of cultural activities daily.

Homestay with a Guatemalan family, 3 meals daily, and private bedroom. You can stay with the family on Sundays, but Sunday meals are not provided.

The translation is available.

Free unlimited internet access and cheap international calls using our USA phone.

Lectures, conferences, and guide fees.

Free organic coffee, tea, and bread during break time every day.

Free access to the school’s library

(With over 1000 books and a video library with nearly 200 DVD videos and educational movies).

* Laundry services and weaving lessons are available for an additional fee.

 Casa Xelajú’s Spanish program is fully accredited by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education.

Upon receipt of your e-application to our program, you will have access to 20 pages of detailed information and tips on travel, dress, climate, recommended reading, etc.


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