Volunteer placement fees in Guatemala

by casa.xelaju

Volunteer placement fees

– US $50.00 for registration fee (one-time).
– US $30.00 as an initial placement fee (one-time).
– US $60.00 weekly payment for host family (lodging and 3 meals a day, 7 days per week), services of the school (internet, organic coffee, tea, bread, school activities, etc.) and weekly donation to the organization in which you will work.


Costs cover family homestay with 3 meals a day, application processing, supervision, and an informal evaluation, a resource-building monetary donation to various community development projects, and participation in the school’s daily social and cultural activities when possible according to the volunteer’s schedule. Such activities include field trips, excursions, and seminars.

There is no cost to volunteer part-time as a tutor in our La Pedrera Project’s Educational Reinforcement Classes.

After receiving your registration and deposit, our USA office will call you for a telephone interview. Acceptance into the program is two-part: you must pass the telephone interview from the USA office, and you must submit a viable proposal which is reviewed and decided upon by staff in the Guatemalan office.

If you are accepted, you can pay the balance of your account upon arrival at the school in Guatemala by cash, personal check, traveler’s check, or credit card (10% commission fee for credit card use).

Cancellation Policy
If you are not approved, all payments will be returned to you. In the case of cancellation, these are our policies:

4 weeks prior to your starting date, we will refund US$100.00
2 weeks prior to your starting date, we will refund US$50.00
1 week prior to your starting date, there will be no refund.

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