Spanish test preparation NES Online

by j.batres

Spanish test preparation NES Online

Casa  Xelaju, a Spanish immersion school, offers the National Evaluation Series (NES). And  Spanish 401 Teacher Certification Test  Preparation for AZ, NM, OR, WA, WI, CA,  in Quetzaltenango or online and

teaching spanish in guatemala | Spanish test preparation NESGuatemala. Future teachers who enroll in the test Spanish preparation will receive 5 hours of instruction daily. 5 days a week with a one-on-one format.The class is also offered online.

As part of the preparation, teachers will live with a Guatemalan family. Living with a Guatemalan family will enhance the speed at which teachers will master the language. And understand oral communication, a key component of the test.

CX offers daily social and cultural activities.

Reviews and testimonials, find out why CX has 100% customer satisfaction. Follow us on Facebook.

The Spanish test preparation covers the six areas of the test: interpretative listening and writing, language structures. And cultural understanding, and presentation, writing and speaking. The preparation will be taught 100% in Spanish.

For over 34 years, CX has been offering more than 30 Spanish test preparations for teachers, college students. Also people working for the State Department or business companies.

Our teachers have the knowledge, talent, and motivation to prepare you to pass these tests with the highest scores. Our teachers hold teaching licenses issued by the  Guatemala Guatemala Secretary of Education.

You should bring a grammar book, the books sold by ORELA to Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala.

With an incredibly wealthy experience of 34 years in teaching Spanish.  CX has successfully produced over 10,000 satisfied students from all over the world whilst maintaining the highest academic standards. And a guaranteed level of individual satisfaction. Our Spanish program is fully accredited by the Guatemala Secretary of Education.

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