Spanish for Retirees in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

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Spanish for Retirees in Quetzaltenango

Now that you have a bit more time on your hands as a retiree, why not use it to travel to gorgeous Guatemala to learn about its culture and to speak Spanish?,  CX, in operation since 1987 and has served over 12,000 students in that time,  specializes in providing an individualized language learning experience for each of its students in the city of Quetzaltenango.

Its Spanish for senior citizens in Guatemala program is the perfect way to develop Spanish skills and to enjoy all that the country has to offer.

Spanish for Retirees in Quetzaltenango

Spanish for Retirees in Quetzaltenango

You can choose to live with a local family for the duration of the program. This provides multiple opportunities a day to practice the words that you’re learning. You’ll have your own bedroom and a shared bathroom, and three meals six days a week.

If you prefer to not do a homestay, you can also rent one of our several apartments with beautiful views, private baths, and full kitchens. You also have the option to rent a three-bedroom house within a few minutes’ walk from our main building.

Casa Xelaju teachers and staff provide students with daily social and cultural activities. Check out the link to our calendar here to get a taste of some of the many outings and activities we offer here: Social and Cultural Calendar.

One day, you might learn how to make authentic tortillas, and on another, you can watch a demonstration of a Mayan ceremony. There is always something going on, and no matter your particular interests, you’re likely to find a few activities that you’ll want to attend to learn more about Guatemala and to practice the Spanish you’ll be learning.

We offer private transportation from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango for $155 one way, or you could choose to ride first classes buses for $40 one way. Our tuition is $185 in the high season and $175 in the low season.

There is a $50 registration fee, and homestays include a private bedroom, 3 meals a day, six days a week. Our apartments are also affordable.

We offer a regular and accelerated Spanish program. So no matter how quickly you learn, we can accommodate your current language level and the speed at which you’re ready to move on to the next.

Your teacher is only assigned to you, so you won’t have to compete with other students to get your questions answered. You’ll be able to speak with a native speaker to correct pronunciation, grammar, and to learn new words.

Our focus is on developing conversation skills, not on memorizing pages of grammar from a textbook. You’ll use Spanish on educational field trips to markets, a shopping center, and cultural centers as you practice with locals.

For an inexpensive and enjoyable way to learn Spanish effectively, join our Spanish for retirees in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala program. We look forward to working with you to learn a new language and enjoy a new culture.

This program has the flexibility to accommodate the students’ linguistic and cultural interests without the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) academic and cultural standards.

If you wish to study in another Spanish program, we offer accelerated Spanish and regular Spanish programs.

Holidays – No Classes. However, you have to pay for the five days. We have to obey the labor law, otherwise, we are fined by the government.

January 1 Good Friday
May 1 June 25*
September 15 October 20*
November 1* December 25

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