January Term

by casa.xelaju

January Term Course

The study Spanish abroad January term course in Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala is a three or four or three weeks long intensive immersion five hours a day, five days a week with homestay with a Guatemalan family.

Besides the Spanish classes, students will be participating in daily social and cultural activities which include lectures on poverty, indigenous and cultural issues with field trips and excursions during the week. We also offer a study abroad summer program for students who cannot participate in the J-term program.

Casa   Xelaju is pleased to offer an alternative and unique curriculum for intermediate to advanced students who want to learn more about the current events in Guatemala. Studying these events will introduce a historical perspective based on internal and external affairs that have shaped Guatemalan society up to the 21st century.

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Obtain up to 16 college credits in three for four weeks. College students who participate in this J-term study abroad program can obtain up to 16 college credits in Spanish either from Seattle Community College or  Brookhaven College. Students can also check with their universities about how to obtain direct college credits.

Since 1987, Casa  Xelaju has been working with hundreds of universities from all over the world. The instruction is one student per teacher, five hours a day, five days a week.

Most of our teachers have been teaching in Casa  Xelaju for over  27 years. Students can take any level of Spanish classes in our immersion program abroad in Quetzaltenango.

On the first day of classes, our teachers will evaluate your level in comprehension, listening, speaking, and reading skills to determine your appropriate level. Please bring the textbook you are using at your university.

Tuition for this program is US$190.00  ( $200.00 Summer) per week which includes homestay, three meals a day, private instruction five hours a day, five days a week, daily social and cultural activities.

It does not include transportation from the United States to Quetzaltenango, transportation during the weekends. activities, hotels, and meals during these trips. There is a $50.00 registration fee.

If you would like assistance getting from the airport to the school there is a $40/$50 fee depending on if sleeping accommodations are needed.

Students can stay with families on Sundays but families do not provide food. Classes for the January term start the first week in January.  If you have questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact us, 612 281 5705 or info(AT)cx.edu.gt If you need a syllabus about the course, please let us know so we can e-mail it to you. J-Term Calendar For college credit, please contact

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