Current Events in Guatemala

by casa.xelaju

Current Events in Guatemala


CX,  a Spanish immersion school in Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala, is pleased to offer an alternative and unique Spanish curriculum for intermediate to advanced students who want to learn more about the current events in Guatemala like genocide, government corruption, poverty, children, mining, neo-liberal policies, repression among others.

Studying these events will introduce a historical perspective based on internal and external affairs that have shaped Guatemalan society up to the 21st century.

College students who enroll in these classes can obtain college credits through Brookhaven University, the class # is SPAN 2324- Spanish Conversation and Culture Through Reading

For several years, our teachers and administrative staff have been researching articles published in major newspapers, academic magazines, universities, non-government publications, and think-tank organizations to use as a resource to produce this didactic curriculum.

The use of the alternative curriculum in our immersion program Is based on two premises.

The first is that the student will develop a better understanding of social and economic issues relating to gender equality, poverty, race discrimination, government corruption and repression, the implications of US neo-liberal policies in Guatemala, controversies regarding drug trafficking, and more.

Ultimately, this program allows students to master their written and oral comprehension in Spanish using Stephen Krashen’s Comprehensive Input methodology.

As you might know, the Comprehensive Input methodology is widely accepted and implemented in ESL programs at universities in the world.

Our director, Julio E. Batres, has participated in several of Krashen’s workshops in the USA.

He has modified this methodology to apply it to our Spanish immersion program in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

At Casa  Xelaju, our team has a strong commitment to continuously updating our methodology and to improving our curriculum to make your linguistic experience a complete success while also learning more about Guatemala society.

With an incredibly wealthy experience of 25 years in teaching Spanish, Casa  Xelaju has successfully produced over 10,000 satisfied students from all over the world while maintaining the highest academic standards and a guaranteed level of individual satisfaction.

In addition, to our regular program, Casa  Xelaju also offers test preparatory classes for teachers, specialized and advanced courses, and Latin American literature classes to interested students.

Photos: Prensa Libre, EFE, Siglo XXI, La Hora, El Periodico, Current Events in Guatemala
Photos: Prensa Libre, EFE, Siglo XXI, La Hora, El Periodico
Julio Batres and Dr. Stephen krasen

Julio Batres and Dr. Stephen Krashen




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