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Spanish For Business in Guatemala

This 25 hours a week, one-on-one instruction, intensive Spanish class for business in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala will help students learn and study  Spanish fast. The student will be learning the most important and specialized vocabulary, grammar, expressions, writing, and reading skills used in real life when doing business in any Spanish-speaking country. CX also these classes online.

College students who enroll in this class can obtain college credit units through Brookhaven College. This is the list of the two courses.

SPAN 2316- Spanish for Business 1teaching spanish in guatemala | Spanish For Business
SPAN 2317- Spanish for Business 2

Furthermore, the student will learn how to improve his/her listening skills by having daily conversation drills with our teachers.

At the same time, students will have the opportunity to practice these new skills when he/she talks to his family and new friends. This experience will be a bridge to understanding the culture of Latin America or Spain and how people interact with each other when doing business.

Students will spend time learning more about global sales, finances, industry and production, global commerce, travel, interviews, the government in business, technology, business letters, taxes, publicity, etc.

This business course is offered year-round and can be modified to fit your schedule and length of stay. We highly recommend students to study for at least four weeks. Ideally, the time to master a comprehensive advanced Spanish level is eight weeks.

For college credit in Spanish, please contact:

Multinational Academic Program (MAP) for Study Abroad

972-860-4780 or bhcstudyabroad@dcccd.edud

Homestay with a Guatemalan family and 3 meals per day, six days per week. Only 1 or 2 students per family.

Daily social and cultural activities including field trips, excursions, cooking and dancing lessons, lectures, volunteer work, movie presentations, etc.

One-on-one Spanish for Business instruction, 5 hours daily, 5 days a week.

We also provide airport services in Guatemala City. Please let us know if you need to be met at the airport in Guatemala City.

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