Sponsorship Program

by casa.xelaju

Children Sponsorship Program

Basic education for children in Xelaju is not provided for free. Families must be able to pay enrollment fees and buy school uniforms, books, and other educational materials in order to attend.

The La Pedrera School is a small, mountain village school in the Guatemalan Highlands. Their admission requirements are minimal. Children attending the school must be able to pay for books, basic school supplies, one pair of tennis shoes for exercise, and they must have one pair of street shoes to wear to school.

The annual cost for a student to attend the La Pedrera School is $275 for a child in Primary School and $395 for a child in middle and school for high school $450.00. Unfortunately, many of the children in La Pedrera Village do not even own one pair of shoes, let alone have the money it takes to attend school.

 We are asking you for your help. Please help us with a donation so we can send more students to study. Remember, all donations are tax-deductible in the USA.

The La Pedrera Foundation is a small, non-profit organization. Its sole purpose is to support the La Pedrera School and help the children in La Pedrera obtain a basic education.

Our operating costs are minimal and all of the Foundation’s workers are volunteers. Your sponsor dollars are tax-deductible and they go goes directly toward paying for an education for the children. We need your help to accomplish our goal.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship costs $300 for a child in primary school and $450 for a child in middle school or high school. Currently, there are 40 children attending the school, with much more waiting for sponsorship.

Your sponsor dollars are tax-deductible and they go directly to support the children’s education. We need your help to accomplish our goal.


Casa Xelaju, a Spanish language school in Quetzaltenago, founded and supports the La Pedrera School. For students doing the extended study (2 or more months) at Casa Xelaju, there are opportunities to put your language skills to work as a volunteer.

Volunteers must have a high level of proficiency in Spanish. A volunteer could expect to spend half days at the school assisting the teacher with lessons in math, science, art, writing, and computer skills.

If you are already planning to do immersion language study at Casa Xelaju and would like additional experience teaching in Spanish, contact us to learn more about how you might help at the school.

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