Our Mission

Casa Xelaju mission

Our goals at Casa  Xelaju (CX) are simple – to support local communities while providing the best environment for teachers and students to interact with. We do this by defining our objectives clearly as below:

1. Casa Xelaju shall provide the best language and cultural education and services possible to our students.

This participation has helped us to create a Spanish curriculum in alignment with the ACTFL’s standards and integrate all the new theories in delivering the Spanish lesson in a more effective way to our students. To enable our students to know more about the culture, we also discuss the human rights and women issues in the country.

In addition to language classes, are you interested in learning more about current events? CX is pleased to offer an alternative and unique curriculum for intermediate to advanced students who want to learn more about the current events in Guatemala like genocide, government corruption, poverty, children, mining, neo-liberal policies, and repression.

This course will introduce students to a unique historical perspective based on internal and external affairs that have shaped Guatemalan society up to the 21st century. Read more

2. CX shall provide the best economic environment for our teachers and staff. We at CX are a socially responsible institute. We strive to create and promote a positive labor relation with our teachers. Teachers who work full-time in our programs obtain a highly competitive salary based on a five-hour working day.

All the teachers have universal health care coverage free of charges paid by CX. In addition to a year’s salary, we also pay a bonus equivalent to two months of pay (June, Christmas bonus, and vacation weeks). Social security for retirement is another benefit that CX pays to our teachers.

CX also pays for IRTRA Club membership. With this membership, our teachers and their families can visit the IRTRA facilities in the country without paying admission fees to the parks and obtain big discounts on hotels.

We at CX feel that satisfied teachers are happy teachers and they love to work at CX. This happiness shines through in classes where our students often comment on how they love the enthusiasm of the teachers.

3. CX shall support local communities with projects to fight poverty through education. We believe strongly in fighting poverty with education. Our commitment to supporting local communities is stronger than ever.  

For more than 16 years, we have been supporting La Pedrera Community Project. We have purchased land to build a small three flor building for this project.

Casa Xelaju mission

Spanish Language School, Spanish Language School

We also support a big rural community in Aldea Vela, San Felipe, Reu.  We purchased a piece of land and donated it to the community.

A kindergarten school and basketball court have been built, with a new middle school also in the process of being built. In the summer of 2011, we built and donated a computer lab to the local elementary school with full access to the internet. 

We were able to link the rural school through a five-mile wireless project. With both projects, more than 2,000 people from this community have benefited.

We at CX know that we cannot change the world, but we can definitely have a small impact by nurturing the local communities and contributing to their growth. We believe that education is an essential tool to eliminate poverty for a better life.

Would you like to associate with an institution that cares for its students, teachers, and community? Would you like to provide a measurable impact on the community, while gaining knowledge at the same time? Would you like to build the foundation of your career by studying at an institution that wants to give you its best in a structured way? Please contact CX today to know more.

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