Mayan Languages

by casa.xelaju

Study K’iche’, Mam & Kanjobal in Guatemala

Study & learn K’iche’, Kanjobal, and Mam in Quetzaltenango,  Guatemala will give a unique opportunity to students to explore and understand the culture of indigenous people in Guatemala. 

The instruction is one-on-one, five hours a day, five days a week with daily social and cultural activities. Our students will live with a local Maya-K’che family which will be the perfect link to experience life from a different perspective.

As a result of globalization, Indigenous people in the city are losing their culture and language. K’iche’, Konjobal, and Mam are one of  22 Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala.

We also offer these Mayan languages online via Google Meet and Zoom. Tuition is $14.00 per hour when you buy 10 hours.

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teaching spanish in guatemala | Study K'iche', Mam & Kanjobal in GuatemalaWithin the class structure, our teachers are able to offer students the chance to research various subjects using their acquired knowledge.

At the same time, students can participate as part-time volunteers in our Community Project “La Pedrera“, or in other communities where they can practice on a daily basis what they have learned in class.

The city of Quetzaltenango, with its population of 50% Indigenous y 50% Ladino, is a place rich in the Maya-K’iche’ heritage with an abundance of cultural-linguistic centers such as the Association of Mayan Writers, Pop Wuj museum, The Mayan League, Association Kawawil, etc.

Students are welcome to ask their teachers to take them to bilingual schools where Ki’che is taught. Opportunities to explore are where Mama is spoken will be lead by the Mam teachers in the area near San Juan Ostuncalco and San Martin Chile Verde.

Please use the application for regular Spanish when you are applying for Ki’che and Mam classes.       Our faculty

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