Best Training Workshops, Curriculum 2021

by casa.xelaju

Training Workshops, Curriculum

Training Workshops, Curriculum is a must. Casa Xelajú´s main concern is how to keep the highest standards of Spanish education when our teachers go over the Spanish language with students.

We know that this is a challenge for our teachers because we have students from all over the world with different linguistic backgrounds and styles of learning a new language.

Our teachers are well prepared to teach Spanish in this setting because Casa Xelajú keeps researching to see what is new in the second language acquisition, and often times we invite sociolinguistic experts to train our teachers and they also participate in curriculum development sessions.

Below you will find a partial list of workshops, curriculum development lectures, and seminars that our teachers have received as part of Casa Xelajú´s effort to improve their knowledge and skills in teaching Spanish and Spanish literature to our students.

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